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Attorney provides comprehensive counsel on estate planning

Creating a sound plan to distribute assets upon your death benefits you and your potential heirs. Regardless of your age or financial position, drafting a valid will is a vital responsibility that gives you the chance to control what happens to your property once you are gone. An equally important responsibility is the administration of someone else’s estate through the New Jersey probate system. John VR. Strong, Jr. is an experienced New Brunswick attorney who provides knowledgeable counsel to individuals looking to draft a will, as well as those serving as the executor or administrator of a decedent’s estate.    

Firm drafts wills, trusts and advance medical directives

Each person has their own specific goals for their estate planning program. Some are concerned about potential estate taxes while others might focus on relieving their loved ones’ burden. After a discussion about your objectives, our firm can assist with various estate planning documents, such as:

  • Wills — We explain the legal requirements for creating a will in New Jersey, use clear language to minimize the likelihood of a probate dispute and help you determine who will be the best executor for your estate. Whether your intentions are relatively straightforward or highly complex, our firm provides the legal support you need to establish a sound testamentary document.
  • Trusts — People place assets into trusts for a wide range of reasons. These revocable legal instruments give individuals the ability to pass property to designated beneficiaries without forcing them to go through the probate process. Attorney John VR. Strong, Jr. can explain how a revocable or irrevocable trust can meet your particular needs. We also offer counsel to trustees regarding the administration of their duties.
  • Advance medical directives — You can never be sure when a sudden injury or illness will leave you unable to communicate your wishes regarding key matters. Through a durable power of attorney, you can name someone to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated for some reason. Our firm can also help you create a living will declaring your preferences for end-of-life care or an advance medical directive expressing your choices regarding other types of treatment.

Even if you have valid estate planning instruments in place, it is wise to review them on a periodic basis to determine if they still reflect your situation and needs.

Probate administration

Probate is the process of shifting ownership of assets from someone who has recently died to heirs named in the decedent’s will or recipients designated under New Jersey’s intestacy laws. Following the death, the executor named in the will or someone close to the decedent opens the estate in Surrogate Court. We assist with all aspects of probate, including filing the will, bringing assets into the estate, communicating with heirs, paying taxes and other estate expenses, distributing property to heirs and closing the estate. 

Will contests

Settling the estate of someone close to you might present some unexpected challenges. Many people fail to update their wills or trusts to reflect changes in their financial standing and relationships. There could also be instances where a potential beneficiary initiates a will contest because they believe the document filed with the court is invalid due to fraud, undue influence, lack of capacity or some other reason. Our firm advises estate representatives and purported heirs on how the law applies to their case and helps them pursue a resolution that matches the decedent’s true intentions. We represent potential beneficiaries of decedents in the Chancery Court by filing a lawsuit to assert a claim for them from the estate of the decedent.

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