New Brunswick Truck Crashes Lawyer

Central Jersey firm takes on negligent drivers and trucking companies

New Jersey is a vital transportation corridor as well as a hub for many industries. This means that thousands of large trucks share our major highways and local roads with smaller passenger vehicles. In a collision, someone struck by a big rig is much more likely to suffer a catastrophic injury than they would in a crash involving another car. Located in New Brunswick, John VR. Strong, Jr. represents Central Jersey residents in claims arising from truck crashes. Whether you were hurt on the highways of New Jersey, such as the New Jersey Turnpike, I-287, the Garden State Parkway or other roads in New Jersey, we will press for appropriate payment from all of the parties liable for your injuries.   

Factors frequently associated with commercial vehicle collisions

Identifying the cause of the collision is critical in a personal injury claim arising from a truck crash. Factors often present in crashes involving commercial vehicles include:

  • Driver fatigue — Truck drivers spend long hours on the road, and rules on required rest exist because fatigued vehicle operators put those around them at risk.
  • Drug or alcohol impairment — A tough DWI standard exists for commercial drivers, but some still get behind the wheel after having too much to drink or taking drugs in order to relieve pain or stay awake.
  • Unsafe cargo — Excessive or poorly loaded cargo limits a driver’s ability to maneuver their truck and could increase the harm resulting from a collision.
  • Mechanical failure — Tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles rely on thousands of parts to function safely. When a defective product or mechanical failure triggers a crash, we strive to hold the relevant manufacturer accountable.
  • Poor road conditions — Drivers are responsible for adapting to adverse weather conditions, and there are also instances where a government agency bears some responsibility for an accident because they did not maintain the road properly.

Whatever led to your injury, we have the skill and experience to present an effective case on your behalf and consult with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts when warranted.

Attorney seeks justice for victims of serious injuries suffered in crashes

Some victims of collisions involving semi-trucks never fully recover. We will successfully litigate matters involving victims who must live with the effects of traumatic brain injuries, paralysis caused by an impact to the spinal cord, multiple bone breaks and other severe medical aliments for years to come. Our firm also handles wrongful death actions so that surviving loved ones can get a measure of relief following a fatal crash.

Litigating a commercial vehicle accident claim

Bringing a truck accident claim is often more complex than a case stemming from a passenger vehicle collision. The operator of a commercial truck might not own it, so liable parties could also include the trucking company or another type of business. You might also have a claim against the maker of a faulty part. Businesses and their insurance companies might also be more inclined to take a hard line against offering a reasonable settlement. This is why it is critical to retain a proven attorney who can investigate the facts, deliver a persuasive legal argument and counter the tactics frequently used by insurers to stop worthy claims. We have a thorough understanding of the relevant regulations that govern truck operation and use that knowledge to press for maximum compensation through a settlement or damages awarded at trial.

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