New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights When Charged with Serious Offenses

When the police come to your job or your home and tell you that they need to talk to you concerning your possible involvement in a criminal undertaking, such as breaking and entering, possession and/or distribution of drugs, or violating the conditions of your probation, you need to call an attorney before you say anything to the police. Many clients come to us after they have trusted the police to protect their rights, and instead have found that they have given a statement to the police which leaves them open to being charged with serious crimes and potential jail time.

An Attorney Experienced in Protecting Your Legal Rights

John VR. Strong, Jr. will advise you as to how to best defend the criminal charges against you. His experience in appearing in Middlesex County Criminal Court, as well as criminal courts in surrounding counties, will help you understand the process of our legal system from initial arrest and charges; indictment; negotiating with the prosecutor to resolve the charges; and appearing before a judge with you to enter a plea or to try your case.

An Attorney to Help Prepare Your Defense

Consulting an attorney immediately following your arrest, but before you have given a statement to the police, is crucial to your defense. New Jersey Law gives you the right to have independent legal advice so as to best prepare your defense to criminal charges. We are available to meet with you in a timely manner so that you and your case are not neglected.

Expungement of Prior Criminal Charges

After the appropriate time that you have entered a guilty plea to certain charges, we can advise you on how to expunge those charges so that you will no longer have a criminal record. We have successfully filed numerous expungement petitions in Middlesex County, and surrounding counties. In addition to preparing your expungement petition, we prepare the necessary order of expungement which has to be served on all legal authorities in the State of New Jersey, including the State Police.

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