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Fall-Down Accidents


Trip and fall and slip and fall accidents can be caused by either the elements, when the ice and/or snow has not been properly removed, or from hazardous conditions due to improper construction. In either case, it is important that the injured person take pictures of what caused him or her to fall. If this is not done, then the hazardous condition causing the fall is often times gone when the landlord/owner of the property remediates the problem by removing the snow and ice or repairing the faulty construction that caused the accident.

Do not talk to any representative of the owner/landlord of the property, including his/her insurance company, until you contact us concerning your fall-down accident. We will write to our professional engineer and arrange for a time for him to meet us at the accident scene, with the client, so that he can take his own pictures of the hazard and question the client as to exactly how he or she fell. This is crucial to proving our case. Our professional engineer prepares a report based on his on-site inspection of the hazard and cites engineering codes and/or city or town regulations that mandate certain safety measures that the owner of the property is supposed to comply with. The engineer’s report is crucial to proving our case against the property owner.

Often, fall-down accidents cause brutal injuries to a person’s physical well-being. We frequently see injuries to the neck, back, and lower extremities that are very painful and often require surgery.

Our goal is to provide you with complete and compassionate representation of you for the best resolution of your case.

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