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New Brunswick attorney works to secure fair compensation for people with neck and back injuries

The spinal cord is the conduit for the human nervous system, so an injury to that part of the body could have wide-ranging and severe consequences. Whether you’ve sustained a paralyzing injury or something more temporary, such as a damaged disk, John VR. Strong, Jr. can help you seek suitable compensation from the liable party. From our office in New Brunswick, we assist residents whose backs have been injured in car crashes, falls and other types of accidents. We serve clients in Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset counties, along with other New Jersey locations.

Four types of spinal cord injuries

Doctors generally classify spinal cord injuries into the following four categories based on where the impact to the spine occurred:

  • Cervical — Injuries to the cervical region (neck) can lead to chronic pain and loss of mobility. One example of a cervical spine injury is whiplash, which often occurs in car accidents when a victim’s head suddenly snaps back and forth on impact with another vehicle.
  • Thoracic — Damage that occurs within the 12 vertebrae of the upper and middle back could trigger serious medical problems, including herniated disks, harm to internal organs and even paralysis.
  • Lumbar — What most people refer to as lower back pain usually involves an injury to the spine’s lumbar region. Fractures to the lumbar vertebrae or a narrowing of the lower spinal canal, known as stenosis, might make it difficult or impossible for a victim to walk.
  • Sacral — When an impact occurs on the sacral portion of the spine, a person could suffer harm to their hips, legs, pelvic region and bladder organs. 

No matter what type of spinal cord injury you suffered, our firm has the experience and network of medical experts to collect the financial recovery you deserve based on the circumstances of your case.

Causes of spinal injuries

There are numerous ways that a spinal cord injury can be caused by someone else’s negligence or willful misconduct. Many of these claims stem from vehicle accidents where a victim’s back is jolted by sudden contact. Back injuries also stem from slip and fall incidents that occur when someone is walking on an unsafe surface or if adequate lighting is not provided. In these cases, as well as situations where someone is hurt in a construction accident, due to improper medical care or another reason, we perform a thorough review to identify the liable parties.

Damages available to victims in spinal cord claims

Back problems could last for years, and the symptoms are often unpredictable. That makes it especially important to hire an attorney who has experience litigating these types of cases successfully so that victims can secure appropriate compensation for their current and future harm. You might be entitled to reimbursement for your medical expenses, replacement of lost income and compensation for physical pain, emotional anguish and the impact of the spinal injury on your life and well-being. In catastrophic cases where someone is paralyzed, personal injury damages could also include long-term rehabilitation costs, in-home care and modifications to the victim’s residence to accommodate their condition.

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