Municipal Court Lawyer Protects Your Rights

New Jersey attorney offers robust defense to state law violations

If you have been charged with a DWI, drug possession, a traffic offense or any other Municipal Court charge, you need an experienced New Jersey attorney who understands how to defend clients in this court. Attorney John VR. Strong, Jr. in New Brunswick will review the facts of your case, request relevant documents from the police department, negotiate with the prosecutor and defend you in court. Regardless of the specific charge, you can rely on our firm for skillful defense and either reducing the charges through a plea bargain or trying your case to conclusion.  

Types of cases adjudicated in municipal courts

For every type of municipal court case, we thoroughly investigate the facts and develop a strategy focused on the best possible results.

We handle cases involving all types of municipal court charges, including:

  • DWI — After a motorist is charged with driving while intoxicated, we review if police had proper legal grounds to make the stop and whether blood-alcohol concentration test results were tainted. 
  • Possession of drugs — Even if you were caught holding drugs, the facts might justify excluding the key evidence or a disposition that allows you to avoid severe punishment. 
  • Speeding tickets — Many speeding tickets are based law enforcement mistakes and faulty radar equipment. If you believe you were cited incorrectly, we can go over your legal options. 
  • Leaving the scene of an accident — There might be many reasonable justifications why someone left the scene of an accident. Our firm presents defenses or mitigating factors to help accused motorists avoid unfair consequences.
  • Unsafe driving — If you have been charged with unsafe driving, we will work to defeat the case against you or reduce the charges by plea bargain.
  • Driving with license suspended — A conviction for driving with a suspended license carries a fine of $500 and possibly six additional months of lost driving privileges, so it is worthwhile to contest these allegations when warranted by the facts.
  • Assault and battery — Confrontations can quickly escalate, creating uncertainty about who was the aggressor and whether a defendant had the right to defend him or herself. In assault and battery matters, prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and we challenge them point by point.
  • Interfering with a police officer — Allegations of interfering with a police officer might be based on misinterpretations or vague assertions of misconduct. Our firm will inform the prosecutor and the court of any facts that weigh in your favor.
  • Store theft — Accusations of shoplifting can damage your reputation and leave you with a criminal record. We handle your case professionally in pursuit of a favorable resolution through a plea bargain.

Experienced attorney prepared to help you

We will first meet with you to get your version of the relevant facts. From there, Mr. Strong reviews the police report and any other documents affecting your case. Depending on your situation, a negotiated plea bargain might be the best way to avoid severe punishment. However, if the facts do not support the charge against you, our firm will press to have the case against you dismissed or will try your case to conclusion. Over the years, our municipal court defense representation has resulted in favorable outcomes for numerous New Jersey clients.

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