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Product Liability

New Jersey Product Liability Attorneys by Your Side

The law requires manufacturers to produce safe products. When a product harms you, whether it is machinery at work or used by you in your personal activities, the injury can have devastating effects on your well-being, your family’s happiness and your financial security. Attorney John VR. Strong, Jr. can help you recover your rightful compensation so you can focus on recovering your health.  We represent factory workers who have been injured by machines.

Seek help as soon as possible
By immediately seeking legal help, your attorneys can preserve crucial evidence. In addition, New Jersey law requires you to file your claim within two years from the time the injury occurred – otherwise you forfeit the right to sue for money damages.

Strict liability protects your rights
New Jersey law protects your right to purchase and use products without risking your health and safety. The strict liability doctrine permits our attorneys to recover compensation from a manufacturer that violated its essential duty to produce safe products, even if the company did not act negligently. We work tirelessly to establish that a defect in the product caused your injuries, and that you deserve fair payment.

Protecting your rights against large corporations
With John VR. Strong, Jr., you do not stand alone. Our firm has the resources and skills needed to fight big companies on your behalf. We coordinate with experienced engineers to thoroughly investigate each case and carefully plan our approach to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Overwhelming medical bills and lost wages can compound stress after an injury. The distressing prospect of retaining an attorney to recover what is rightfully yours should not add to your financial struggles. Because we believe all injured people have the right to dedicated representation, we will not charge you for our legal services until we successfully recover just compensation for your injuries.

Contact a dedicated New Jersey products liability lawyer
Call John VR. Strong, Jr. at 732-249-0550 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. If your injury prevents you from scheduling an appointment in our New Brunswick office, attorney John VR. Strong, Jr. can visit your home or hospital room to discuss your case.


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